The short how to

IMAP is the only available mail-fetch protocol available on our servers.

IMAP server:
SMTP server:
Security Settings: Use SSL for IMAP
SSL Certificate: Install our root certificate from here

The long how to

This document explains "How Thunderbird 2.0 can be installed and configured for Department (ee) domain." For other versions of thunderbird the configuration is similar.
  1. First download Thunderbird from:
  2. Download certificate file used for connecting mail server from here
  3. Run the Thunderbird's installer to install thunderbird.
  4. Run Thunderbird.
  5. If it is the first time you run Thunderbird, it asks whether to import settings from other mail clients. If you were using Outlook to read your e-mails previously you may import your account settings (Addressbook, mail server settings) from Outlook. Otherwise select Don't import anything. Click Next.
  6. If it is the first time you run Thunderbird, Account Wizard go on to next step . Else run Account Wizard by clicking Tools -> Account settings -> Add account in Thunderbird.
  7. In Account Wizard select e-mail account in New Account Setup window. Click Next.
  8. In Identity window write Your Name and your E-mail Address: ( Click Next.
  9. In Server Information window select IMAP then write as Incoming Server: and Outgoing Server: Click Next.
  10. In user names window, in Incoming user name field write your username in ee domain. Click Next.
  11. In Account Name window you may write your e-mail address to Account Name field. Click Next
    and then click Finish.
  12. Afterwards run Account Wizard by clicking Tools -> Account settings in Thunderbird.
  13. Go to your ee account setting and select Server Settings then, under security settings select User secure connection as SSL.
  14. Select Security Settings, then, click View Certificates
  15. Select Authorities tab, and click Import
  16. Select certificate file cacert.cer you downloaded in step 2 and click open.
  17. Check all the checkboxes (Trust this CA to identify web sites, email users, and software developers) in opened window. Click OK
  18. Click OK two times more. The setting is complete. Enjoy our mail service.